Updated Timetable!


Following the CILIA Summer School, successfully bringing together biologists, physicists and engineers working on mechano-sensing, we have the pleasure of inviting you to participate in the Conference 'Natural and Biomimetic Mechanosensing' to be held in Dresden, Germany, October 26-28 2009.

Also organised by the Integrated Project CILIA, the conference is dedicated to the identification of common principles underlying the widespread use in nature of arrays of mechano-sensory structures for the extraction of meaning from environmental signals under adverse conditions. A second focus will be on engineered systems derived from those principles.

All formal conference sessions will take place at the Art'otel which is situated next to the Elbe river near the city centre of Dresden. 'Europe's balcony', as Goethe called baroque Dresden, offers European cultural and art treasures, magnificent baroque buildings, world-famous art collections and several possibilities for tours to several castles and to the beautiful landscape of Swiss Saxony.

See you in Dresden!

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